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I provide copy writing, proofreading, copy editing, and content editing services for professional, technical, and creative writing of all types to clients both local and far-flung. Whatever form your writing takes, from wedding vows to white papers, love letters to legal briefs, newsletters to novels, I can help you polish it until it glows.

Copy Writing. I will draft content for your website, blog, newsletter, report, advertisement, magazine, or other venue. From technical to mainstream to literary, I will craft a voice that suits your format and your audience, and which will help you communicate your message in the most effective, thoughtful, and pleasing manner.

Proofreading. I will comb through your draft manuscript for typographical, grammatical, and spelling errors, and clean up the final copy to make it read like a professional document.

Copy Editing: I will review a next-to-final draft or proof of your newsletter, magazine, website, or other document for errors in both writing and formatting.

Content Editing: I will closely read a draft of your piece at any stage of development and work with you to help you reach your writing goals, providing suggestions on how to whittle away the unnecessary, dig deeper into the heart of the piece, and make your writing shine.

Credentials: My essays, short stories, poetry, and articles have been published in more than twenty online and print journals and magazines. I have an MFA in creative writing and have been blogging for more than ten years. I'm Literary Reflections Editor at Literary Mama, I copy edited the book Motherlode: Essays on Parenthood, and I have more than fifteen years of experience writing and editing technical and professional documents.

Rate: $45 per hour (minimum one hour)

Contact: Please use the contact form at the right or email me at andreaelani (at) yahoo (dot) com to get in touch with me so we can get started on your project.

"We're only one email into our discussion on the essay and 95% of me wants to give you a huge high five for such constructive and thought provoking feedback -- it's really rare to find an editor who gets right to the root of an essay so quickly, and I've spent this week working through some huge writing exercises and thought processes!"
"Your careful editing has made the piece much stronger. Thank you!" 
"Thank you! Again, thanks so much for your assistance with my essay…. This has been an excellent exercise on so many different levels as an aspiring writer and I'm so grateful for your efforts." 
"Thanks again for holding my hand throughout this whole process - I'm still new this whole writing gig and I'm very grateful to have had you in place to guide me through these edits. You were really wonderful to work with and now I know why it is that authors always thank the crap out of their editors when their book gets published!" 
"I cannot thank you enough for the care you have taken in reviewing my piece. I think it is so much stronger than when you first received it." 
"[S]o grateful you nudged [this essay] out of me into its more mature form." 
"You are great to work with -- thank you for helping polish this piece!" 
"The essay is much more focused, thanks to your good eye."

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