Friday, January 23, 2009

Remember September

When the digital thermometer dips below zero again this weekend (that just doesn't sound as good as "mercury" but is so much healthier...) it may become necessary to remember that there is life after winter.

I grew these peppers last summer--mostly serranos and jalapenos, but a few lovely poblanos (these have a very long growing season, which is tough here--in fact it's almost time to plant them for next summer--but I love them. The first year I grew them, I got about six peppers, which I made into fantastic chile rellenos with simmered tomatillo-serrano sauce and homemade tortillas. I joked that it was the meal that took seven months to grow, seven hours to cook and seven minutes to consume. Fortunately my kids won't touch rellenos so that leaves more for moi! And this year, I got a few more peppers; I think we had rellenos three times!) and a few garden-variety green peppers are mixed in there.

Salsa anyone?


  1. Mmmmm.....I buy cayenne and habaneros at the local farmers' market.


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