Tuesday, August 4, 2009


As part of my Waldorf wanna-be persona, I set up this little nature table in the corner of our living room (before it had been a nature windowsill, which tended to get dusty and neglected). E and Z enjoy changing the day on the seasonal calendar (which we only remember to do about once a week) and adding little bits of rock and wild apples to the collection.

Yesterday while I was on the phone with my mom I sat down on the couch and saw this out of the corner of my eye.

With a lot of "ungh, ungh, ungh" ing, I picked it up with the tips of my fingers and transferred it upstairs to M's closet where he keeps a box of feathers and snake skins (more "ungh, ungh, ungh"). My mom thought this was most amusing.
When C got home with the boys, I asked him if he had added it to the nature table, but he said he found it with E and Z and they put it on the table of their own volition. Then I felt bad, and thought it wouldn't set a good example to be freaked out by something as harmless as snakeskin (to be clear, I am not freaked out by snakes, but the texture of the skin sicks me out--as does peeling sunburn, baked, cracked mud, and a variety of other things with a mungy texture).
I relented, retrieved the skin and returned it to the table before they noticed it was gone...

just to show we appreciate all nature in our house...even the mungy kind.


  1. Great post! This reminds me of Susan G. Wooldridge's nature writing exercises in her book poemcrazy. I love your photos and what you've created.

    P.S. I received Gemini #10 in the mail today and I can't wait to read it tonight as my nightly read!! Thanks!

  2. I totally want to set up a nature table - I just am not sure where...

    (and I LOVE skin peelings! I was peeling off LSP's post-sunburn skin just this morning!)

  3. Kim--Thanks. I'll have to check out that book.

    LSM--Ewww! There's a nature table flicr group that is full of ideas and inspiration (just search "the nature table" from the groups section of flickr). It took me a while to find the right location...we'll see how the end table works (if more animal bits get added I might have to move it somewhere less central).


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