Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Coastal Maine Botanic Gardens

This weekend we visited the Coastal Maine Botanic Gardens somewhat spontaneously--I would never, ever plan a visit somewhere that involved an hour drive each way and an expensive entrance fee for a late afternoon just two hours before closing time, but a friend called and invited us and I decided to lighten up a bit and go--and I'm glad I did!

We spent most of the time in the new Children's Garden, which is enchanting.

The boys ran through misting fountains, traveled mazes, climbed rocks, played in tall ornamental grass, hopped across a pond on stone lily pads, climbed a tree house, hid in a Wigwam, checked out chickens, traversed a reflexology labyrinth over and over, and, of course, built fairy houses.

I wish I had the skill, imagination, time, energy and, I suppose, money, to turn part of our land into this kind of landscape. Somehow natural nature, with all its spiny blackberry and raspberry bushes and prickly burdocks and hitchhiker plants is just not as inviting.

(Grrr...I'm having such a hard time dealing with pictures--not being able to drag and move them around, accidentally deleting them--with my new computer. If anyone has a MacBook and uses Blogger and can offer any advice, it would be much appreciated!)


  1. Enchanting!

    I have a MacBook and use blogger...I think I just cut and paste. Not so helpful huh?

  2. I'll try that. I guess that shoudl seem obvious, but on our PC, I just dragged and dropped, but it won't let me drag outside of the frame.


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