Monday, June 6, 2011

Catching Up

Apparently I took an unplanned bloggy break last week...oops.  Must have been recovering from the madness of Birthday Season, or something, because every night I opted for some other activity (e.g. baseball games, sleep, reading) rather than firing up ye olde laptoppe.  But here I am again (just as Blogger is doing maintenance and won't let me upload photos!!).

I love this post of Emma Bradshaw's about "glamping" (as in glamour + camping) in reference to my last post about luxury camping (her blog was the first place I ever saw or heard of anyone camping with real dishes).  The sleeping bag/quilt she links to is gorgeous (and apparently the "cotton kills" adage doesn't apply in England).  I do think I was negligent in my post about not mentioning camping luxuries my parents provided--we had a canvas tent, which my mom carpeted in thick furniture blankets and a corduroy quilt, custom-made to match the tent's footprint, and my dad made a big wooden box with lift-out silverware tray for all of the cooking essentials.  C and I covet The Box, though it would fill the entire way back of the Volvo.  They did not, however, make campfire fondu.  Mole-in-the-hole for breakfast and little balls of pancake batter deep-fried in bacon fat in the grease wells of our griddle was as gourmet as it got (sorry, Mom).

I'll be back tomorrow, if Blogger has finished its maintenance, with llamas, dragonflies, lilacs and more!  Hope you're all enjoying this most lovely June (wherever you are).


  1. Emma Bradshaw's blog will be fun to explore. I like her list of things to do in June and I'm intrigued by wild swimming in the sea.

  2. I still cannot think of anything "gourmet" to cook when camping or even different. We even bought a tent and a one burner stove to take to
    Arizona and stayed in motels and ate out or had sandwiches the entire time!


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