Thursday, July 14, 2011

Teacher Gift

Yes, school has been out for three weeks now (yes, truly that's it), but I never got around to showing you what I made for E and Z's teacher (to M's teacher--a man--we gave a porcelain reusable coffee mug and a pound of organic coffee).

This is my modified version of SouleMama's Gratitude Wrap.  (I've made at least two of these before, but because I've never bothered to label my post, it's impossible to find anything--even if I did ever post about them).  Anyway, Ms. R, whose son is on M's baseball team, noticed mine (which I don't use for gratitude, but more as a planner/hold-all in my bag) when I got it out in search of pen & paper for to entertain E and Z during a long game.  She complimented it, I said something self-deprecating, because taking compliments is so not my gift, and decided to make her one for an end-of-year thank-you gift.  

My modifications are to add a vertical inside pocket for safekeeping things, or straddling a larger notebook or calendar; using elastic and a button to fasten it, rather than ties; and, apparently, to attach the third pocket too low, though that was not an intentional modification (and maybe it's supposed to be there, but just looks funny in the picture).

I was psyched to find some Ancient Egypt -themed cards at TJ Maxx, since that was their big unit of study this year (and I was even more psyched that they didn't all fit, so I got to keep some of them).

The colors are totally Ms. R--she's a very energetic, vibrant, creative, fun, funky lady.  Exactly the kind of person you want teaching your young kids.  And we're lucky, because her class is a K-1, so E and Z get her again next year.  For that I'm very grateful.

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  1. What a thoughtful gift for their teachers. My kids have been out for just one week longer than yours. The delayed start of summer left me with mixed emotions. The weather was terrible so no one minded being in school, but the summer seems so terribly short now.


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