Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloweening, Part II

We made it through the first of what feels like the Holiday Gauntlet beginning this time of year.

We had a wizard, a king/prince and the grim reaper. All costumes were mostly made by the wearer himself using large rectangles of velour which I had been given and which were sitting in a box for a long time (I wanted them all to get dressed up yesterday during daylight hours so I could take a good photo, but it did not work out). This is my favorite kind of costume--home made, with out too much work, with plenty of creative input from the costumed.

M waffled between phantom and dementor for a while before making himself this scythe from wood and duct tape a few minutes before we headed out.

Our friends join us and we travel in the back of a dump trailer-cum-hay-wagon and our trick-or-treat tour takes us around our "neighborhood"--about ten miles of country roads populated by our neighbors and the parents of C's childhood friends. So there's lots of chit-chat, "Oh, C! Look at your boys!! How old are they now?" and so-on. (The trailer saves in-and-out of cars and car seats and seat belts, but is a bit cold, especially on the fast ride home).

We had to stop by C's mother's house to see the papier mache pumpkin coach she made for her miniature horse to pull. Apparently, it made its debut on the streets today (see tomorrow's Kennebec Journal for evidence).

And of course the grand finale is the spooky yard next door to C's dad's house.

I think I have a picture of M in front of the chain saw massacre from every Halloween since he was three (the year he was scared of his own shadow--and his own ghost costume--but was fascinated with the creepy stuff in this yard).

And I have to give equal air time here to all three boys' pumpkins.

C carved them with them last night while I spent a few quiet moments reading.

I love how each one turned out so different.

I hope you had a great Halloween (and happy Samhain to you too!). Can you believe tomorrow is November?

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  1. Ah boys and duct tape. My two decided to go as last year's Roman Soldiers (the tunics a bit more shirt-like this year) but with the addition of a "handcrafted" cardboard/duct tape shield. They were all very self directed with their costumes this year. Love that!
    Happy Howl-o-ween to you...


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