Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Weekend Away

We spent the weekend in Rangeley with friends who have a time-share cabin/condo there.

We spent a lot of time doing a lot of nothing while we were there--

Swimming in the pool,

Eating (and eating and eating), reading, playing games and lounging.

The dads got up very early Saturday morning to go duck hunting (I'm still not exactly sure what's fun about that) and the moms went out to dinner (only to come home to discover that the dads had the bright idea of starting a movie for the kids at 8:40 p.m.)

Saturday we went for a hike along a beautiful stream that cascaded down through gorges and over falls, with enchanted mossy woods all around. It was nice to be far away from everything that needs to be done. We did rush home Sunday afternoon to run loads of laundry and clean the house, but a break from all that was well-deserved.

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