Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Lovely Yellow Teapot

I was devastated when I learned that Pristine Pottery of Staffordshire, England went out of business. I love my green four-cup Pristine--it is so perfectly balances, never drips, the lid stays firmly in place even when pouring out the last dregs of tea, and they're just beautiful to look at. I used to have a bright yellow two-cup as well (pictured here), but C broke it. When I found out that they could be had no more, I started checking Etsy to see if any would ever show up. I found a lovely yellow six-cup there right before Valentine's Day and dashed off an email to C letting him know that's what I wanted.

When Valentines Day (observed) arrived, C gifted me with this pretty copper-foiled stained glass heart, which is made locally and is perfect in our mudroom window, where I've been wanting to hang something stained glass.

I didn't want to sound disappointed, so I waited a few days before I asked, "Was that teapot already sold?"

C's eyes bugged out, he clapped his hand over his mouth and ran downstairs to the basement, emerging with a big priority mail box. Inside was my lovely new teapot:

He said he figured he owed me a few extra presents to make up for some dud Valentine's Days in the past.

I haven't used it yet (six cups is an awful lot of tea). I'll need a friend (or five) to join me in a cuppa.


  1. Is that the same co. that makes 'brown betties'. It looks the same. J. gave me one a few years ago1

  2. Oh I love that! The kids and I all drink tea at breakfast and as they're getting older we'll soon need a larger pot for our tea. This one reminds me very much of my white idea where it came from (no stamp). What a fun after V-day surprise!!! :)

  3. I'll be over to enjoy some tea from that lovely teapot ;)


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