Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Four-Season Sweater

This was supposed to be a summer sweater. I was going to wear it over sundresses for times I did not feel like baring my upper arms (which is always). I started it last spring, and knit through baseball season,

Then mostly took the summer off because I am not a summer knitter. Then I picked it up again during soccer season (including one amusing incident, when sitting on the bleachers I could not find my pattern, thought back to the last time I had it, remembered it was two days earlier at another soccer practice, looked over to the other set of bleachers and saw a sheaf of tattered papers--my pattern--in the mud beneath them), knitted right through swimming lessons and basketball season and finally finished at baseball tryouts Saturday. Good thing my kids play so many sports; otherwise I'd never get anything knit.

I even blocked it for reals (with pins and everything), but I only sprayed I and I think I'll need to dunk it in water and block it again to help smooth out some uneven stitches (I do have trouble keeping my tension consistent) and encourage the bottom edge to not roll.

The pattern is the Transverse Cardigan by Ann Weaver (transverse, because it's knit from sleeve to sleeve--I really wanted to type from sleeve to shining sleeve--and the knit runs across the sweater, rather than up and down as usual) and my Ravelry notes, such as they are, are here.


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