Thursday, September 27, 2012


This past weekend, I was looking forward to having a whole entire day (Sunday) with nowhere to go and nothing to do, but then plans with friends for Saturday afternoon got shifted to Sunday, and I had to shift my mindset a bit.

After a rainy soccer morning, we cleaned the house and decorated for fall,

and I made our traditional autumn feast for dinner, which worked out better on Saturday, since C worked the fair Sunday and didn't get home until very late. I was planning on baking bread (for the first time in a gazillion ages) and making a lot more food, but instead made a stew of garden vegetables, quinoa, chick peas and Indian spices (I'd just read about turmeric being good for viruses, so I decided we all needed a dose with the onset of school cold season) and applesauce muffins (last year's applesauce).

Sunday morning, I wanted to go for a walk to look for signs of fall, and they wanted to do anything but what I wanted to do.

Finally I got mad and dropped a big Guilt Bomb, telling them that all I do is things for them and can't they do one little thing for me, then stormed off into the woods.

They caught up to me and we found a few signs of fall and they had fun throwing stuff in the river and hauling around dead trees.

But me, I didn't have such a great time. How do all those blogging moms do it? Their kids always so smiling and cooperative?

Later, we went to this cool ropes course where M and his friend and his friend's mom climbed and swung and zipped. E, Z and I stayed on the ground and read books and later we went out to Sarah's for dinner and had cupcakes for M's friend's birthday. I'm still waiting for a nothing to do all day day...

Directions for the leaf banner here.


  1. A whole day with nothing to do...oh do I need to plan one of those soon. And a walk in the woods (willing child or no!).

  2. Goodness gracious, I don't believe all the other kids are smiling all the time either. I'll tell you right now, mine aren't. They do tend to go along with all my activities, but they give me a run for my money at least a few times a day, usually at such appropriate places as the grocery store during the afternoon rush.

    Also, I love your banner. I don't think you mentioned how you made it, did you? Is it just prints of leaves, using paint?

  3. Jaimie--
    Here's how we made the banner last fall:


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