Monday, October 29, 2012

Two Quickies

What to do when you like to give homemade gifts, but you're short on time? Quick gifts from the stash. I've made two in the last couple of weeks.

First, for a baby due very soon, I took a large piece of thick, super-soft flannel and made a binding using cowboy material leftover from E's sleeping bag:

I sewed the binding on in the least sensical way possible, so that it's all lumpy and weird at the corners, but I suppose it will still work as a blankie.

Next, for another friend's birthday, I made this earring holder, using a vintage hankie (one of the snowflakes) and an embroidery hoop (which, incidentally, are hard to find in wood anymore):

I had seen this idea on some blog or other a long time ago and made myself one, which I adore. Then last year sometime, this friend and I were in a store and she pointed out some earring holders made of framed window screens and said she needed one. Now I just couldn't let someone hang a piece of window screen in their house (except, of course, as a window screen), so I made her this for her birthday. Now you could look at this as me being a control freak, and wanting to force my sense of aesthetics on everyone else, or you can look at it as me seeing a friend in need and creating something beautiful to help her meet that need. I think I'll go with option B.

What's your favorite quick gift?

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