Monday, November 12, 2012

Silly Project

A couple of weeks ago, I was procrastinating feeling creative and made these little pincushion tops for the jars that store my notions over the course of two evenings (while waiting for children to just get ready for bed).

I had looked up the directions online, but had only perused them briefly and without printing them out or reading them carefully or anything, so the results are a little on the wonky side. For the three in the middle, I used wool-blend felt (with embroidered ribbon for the embroidered ribbon jar, buttons for the button jar and a tiny lace doily for the lace and rick-rack jar), which turned out to be a bit too thick and kind of tricky to make work so that the jar could still close. The other two I just used regular cotton, including my favorite red Kaffe Fasset print. I stuffed them with fabric scraps and found that there is a magic stuffing amount: the jar on the left has too much so it looks poofy and the second one has too little so it looks flat. I kind of like instant gratification projects, but I tend to rush them and get less-than-stellar results.

I also replaced my inspiration wire with a narrow pink and green ribbon (previously it was rick-rack) and some tiny clothespins (rather than paper clips, which were both tacky and not very effective). I don't have much inspiration right now, but I'm sure something will come along.

Do you tend toward quick and dirty or are you a perfectionist?

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