Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Friday Light

Last Friday, we had the evening blissfully free of baseball.

So, after a quick and easy dinner of pizza from Sheepscot General,

I coaxed the family outdoors for a short walk to bask in the springing springiness of it all.

The light this time of year is absolutely incredible.

Each evening the sun sprinkles the world in a coating of gold dust as it makes its slow descent.

And all of the trees and bushes that have looked like nothing but clusters of dried, dead branches for the last six months are budding and bursting with weird and wonderful life.

I'm pretty good on trees and wildflowers, but I don't know my shrubs.

I should have asked C what all these are, but whatever they are, aren't they amazing?

This is the first time I've every noticed them, at this stage. Funny the things you miss if you don't take the time to slow down and notice.

I can't think of how many years it was winter, then it was spring and I missed out on that whole transition phase, the opening up into life.

It all happens so quickly (after a very long, slow time of not happening at all), so it's easy to miss––one day sticks, the next day leaves. Amazing.


  1. Beautiful photos, and thanks for the reminder to get out of the house on those glorious evenings. We too relish the baseball free nights!

  2. Mary--Thanks! Baseball seems to take over life, doesn't it?


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