Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Back to School

The boys started back to school today.

I think we were all in deep denial about it until the moment the bus trundled up.

C and I were marveling about all the people who say "I can't wait until the kids are back in school."

School means a whole lot more work for us--racing around to get everyone ready and out the door in the morning, making lunches (please don't suggest I have the kids make their own lunches; everyone knows it's ten times more trouble to make a kids do something than just do it yourself), helping with/nagging about homework, parent-teacher conferences, soccer practices, PTA begging, etc., etc. You get the idea.

Plus, school means that summer is over, and fall and winter are inevitable, and I'm so not ready for that.

E and Z decided last week that they were going to homeschool themselves. What will you do for math? I asked. "Legos!" E said. "The mathematics of nature!" Z said. What will you do for science? "Legos!" "Nature!" What will you do for art? "Legos!" "Draw pictures!" What will you do for PE? "Run around outside!" What will you do for lunch? "PB&J!" "Hummus sandwiches!"

They had it all figured out. They almost had me convinced.

But in the end, they got on the bus. 


  1. I love their plan--and that you can learn about everything you need to know from Legos and nature.

    I totally miss the slower pace of summer, but sitting here at my desk in a quiet house is luxurious. Bring on the bus!

  2. I've been a tiny bit sad that we didn't really get to do a "back-to-school" this year. Pre-school is basically the same--with the only exception being that they stopped swimming after Labor Day. Perhaps we'll have to go get some new art supplies or something to get me in a proper September frame of mind?

    Also, love these first day of school pictures--too, too funny!

  3. I think your boys' homeschool could get a lot of attendees. I know my eldest would be interested. I suspect he'd even bring some Legos and pairs of binoculars to add to the kitty.

  4. I've been in denial too. The slowness of summer and the no need to be somewhere at a particular time -bliss.

  5. Kate--Yeah, I'd feel totally different about school if I could be home in that nice, quiet house, instead of letting it go to waste.

    Meryl--Just sit back and enjoy these few years before the "back to school" rush...they go by fast.

    Kristen--They might just start the next wave of edu-form.

    Mummybear--I know, deadlines (like the time the bus shows up) are hard to adapt to.


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