Thursday, October 10, 2013

5K to Farm

After last month's run, Z had the idea of doing a 5K every weekend.

Conveniently, our house is located almost exactly a mile-and-a-half from each end of our road, so a trek down to one end of the road and back equals just about a 5K.

And they're both walks I have taken many a time over the years, pushing a stroller, and then a trike with a push bar, and then a double stroller, with a training-wheeled bike following along.

But it's been a while since that walk has been part of my routine. Something about no strollers to push, or the advent of both twins on bikes being way too crazy for me to deal with on the road (I did take them as far as the daycare center many times when they were on training wheels, but not three miles. Nowadays, the boys all ride their bikes all the way to the General Store with their dad).

So Z and I had decided to do a weekly 5K to the end of the road, but with one thing and another, hand't yet gotten around to it. 

Until last week he mentioned he'd like to visit the farm we pass at one end our road. So I suggested we do his 5K and visit the farm all in one trip.

Sunday morning he got up early (but not too early––I had persuaded him to not set his alarm clock), fixed us each a bagel with jam, and got geared up for the run.

He ran ahead, stopping to wait for me at each driveway (yes, I walked the whole thing--still don't believe in running, plus I needed to take pictures along the way).

He stopped now and then to collect maple leaves or observe great blue herons.

We got a tour of the farm––ducks, cows, sheep, goats, two adorable little farm girls, and all––despite having disturbed the farmers' breakfast.

Z failed to catch either a duck or a turkey, but braved petting the cows and goats.

And now he wants to make it a weekly adventure. 


  1. What a sweet weekly "tradition" to get into with your son (: Very cute.

    Happy Friday!

  2. Love his little hydration pack! What a fun thing to do.


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