Wednesday, August 6, 2014

First Family Backpacking Trip--Success!

Our backpacking trip was really amazing. Four days of wilderness and peace and quiet, freedom from all things noisy and mechanical and electronic. The boys were troupers. They did fantastic hiking and packing. I'm a little achey and sore around the knees and calves, but chomping at the bit (straining at the pack straps?) to get out and do it again, rain, mosquitoes and all. 


  1. We have such fond memories of this trip when John was a young boy...hiking and camping, thanks for bring these adventure to life once again. Maybe, next year we'll get out of Harpswell and enjoy the mountains of Maine.

  2. That first picture is AWESOME. You guys look so bad-ass! Glad the trip went well!

  3. You're,like, the best mom Ever. What a gorgeous life your boys have!

  4. Yes, Sophia! We'd love to camp with you again.

    Thanks, Meryl. My kids were pretty bad-ass! I'm so proud of them.

    Thank you, Lone Star Ma!


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