Tuesday, December 9, 2014


 A few weeks ago, I threw together a couple of quick projects, born out of necessity.

The first is a phone cozy. I'm not a phone person at all--if it were up to me, I probably would not even own a cell phone yet. I rarely call anyone with it and never hear it ring. Sometimes I send a text. I do find it handy for checking my email (a little too handy, perhaps) and I like having access to the internet (mainly because I'm so prone to getting lost).

Anyway, my old phone (which was one of C's old androids. Unlike me, he sees the cellphone as the fulfillment of his childhood Star Trek dreams. Also, he uses it a lot for work) quit holding a charge, and when C took it in for a new battery, found out he could get me an i-phone for less than the battery. So he did. I can't say I'm upset. I much prefer it to the old phone. But I was still treating it like the old phone--tossing it in the bottom of my cavernous bag--and decided it needed a little protection. Something in felt, I thought, so I wet-felted it a case. I don't love wet-felting--I think because I don't feel as much control over the outcome as in needle-felting--and the result is a bit more urban Hobbit than I had hoped for (I think I have an idea to make the ends less lumpy in future). I'm not sure what the outside pocket's for, but it seemed like a good idea to have one. But in any case, it's doing its job of keeping the phone not-broken and making it easier to find in the bottom of my bag.

The second is a set of business cards. I found myself needing to give my contact information to someone on a professional basis and being reduced to scrawling it on the back of an old receipt (actually, I just took his card and emailed him, but it was a close one). Sometimes I find it hard to operate in the world as a grown-up. So I threw together some cards, real-quick. Just printed off my computer (if I give away all ten of those, I might consider actually getting real cards printed).

I hadn't done much creative recently, and it was nice to dash off a couple of instant-gratification projects just in time to hit the holiday making rush in stride.


  1. Love your phone case. I think you and I would get along well. I have a phone, but never use it and don't have a data plan. Really it is for emergencies. I dropped it back in September and smashed the screen, haven't used it since. I do have to get a new one for our travels in the spring, but for now we are living without, and if it weren't for the little bit of security it brings when little man and I drive far and wide for adventures, I don't think I would replace it.

    Your business cards look great!

    1. Thanks, Kim! It's good to know there are other non-phone people out there.

  2. hi there (waves at friend Kim above lol)

    oh good, so i'm not the only person who only uses her cellphone for email (and instagram), and the time. i never hear it ring, never call anyone, and almost never text.

    lovely case, and well protected now i think.

  3. Thanks, Monica. Glad I'm not the only one not glued to a phone. :) Thanks for stopping by!


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