Monday, January 5, 2015

Weekend Things ~ Ice & Snow

There were fractious, querulous beings in our household this weekend.
Small people completely outraged that winter break was coming to an end after only two weeks.

They expressed their grievances by endlessly bickering with and picking on each other.

For the first time ever, I understood that line from "It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas." 

Yes, indeed, mom at least could hardly wait for school to start again (even if it means a return to making lunches and enforcing bedtimes and policing homework).

Santa Claus made the probably ill-advised decision of gifting the two youngest members of the household with electronic devices.

All arbitrary and toothless limits went out the window as soon as they were declared.

Until, looking up Sunday morning, I noticed two glazed faces completely hypnotized by a week straight of Stampy Someone-or-other's Minecraft Youtube videos.

The devices found their way to a hiding place--where they will spend Monday through Friday and all but one hour on the weekends--and, amid much wailing and gnashing of teeth, the two screen zombies bundled up and out into the snow.

To have fun. Real, actual, physical fun.

Later, we made snow ice cream with eggnog and played cards and Pictionary and worked on a puzzle and read a chapter from the book we've been neglecting all holiday season. And it was good.


*I realized this weekend that I will never be any better at ice skating than I am now, which is no better than I ever have been, which is not very good. I think this is the definition of growing old.

**Standing on perfectly clear ice in your stocking feet feels like walking on water.

***I tried out an old high school photography class technique of panning a moving object on a slow shutter speed but didn't quite pull it off (the moving object is supposed to be in focus with a blurred background). Anyone know the secret to that technique?


  1. Ah, nothing like a little time outside to cure all that ails us, even bickering kiddos :) Hope today was a peaceful day for you.

    1. Yes, you're right. And with the cold snap that's just hit us, that outside time is going to be a challenge to get.

  2. We woke up to snow and bitter cold, and, inspired by you, I am making this snow ice cream as we speak. What a great way to celebrate when it is too cold for a snowball fight.

    1. Ooh, yes. Snow ice cream! I love it in concept more than in actuality, but it makes me happy.

  3. looks like so much fun. never heard of snow ice-cream!

    yes, it's that glazed look and how quickly it happens AND how brain numb they are for some time after. well done on being firm, not easy when they grouch lol

    pannign shot, cause you asked lol - you need stand on the side, not 45degree angle or anything else. you need to move the camera with the subject. or follow the subject with the viewfinder, whichever makes sense to you. You will take the shot when the subject is passing right in front of you.
    hold the camera and your arms super steady and swing across with your torso, hips.
    be a good distance away, too close makes it difficult to follow the subject.
    you need a slow shutter speed, like 1/20 - 1/8.
    takes practice, good luck :)

    1. Yes, that glazed look has a long lifespan! Thank you for the panning advice. I will try it again ASAP!


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