Friday, September 11, 2015

Weekend Things ~ Camp

We spent Labor Day Weekend at C's stepmother's camp, as we have every year for the last eight years.

Our summers vary from year to year.

Some years we go camping, some we take a big trip, some we go to one beach, some to another, others we spend more at the lake.

But we always start summer with our May weekend at Hermit Island.

And finish it with Labor Day at Toddy Pond.

The two trips make nice bookends to the season.

And both places serve as growth charts for the boys.

This year we had hotter weather than usual, and the lake warmer than the Y pool where I swim every other morning.

We spent more time swimming than ever.

There was also snorkeling (by people other than me who actually want to see what goes on under that dark water...I prefer remaining ignorant).




I read two whole books (just-for-fun mysteries that were oh-so-good).

And did a little water color painting.

I even knit a row before the weekend was through (which I had to undo on the drive home because I knit the wrong row).

(Photo by Z to prove I actually exist).


  1. Well, hello there, lovely photo :)

    Looks and sounds like a great weekend away. Hope this weekend is a good one too.

  2. Lovely bookends, indeed. How those boys of your do grow!


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