Thursday, April 28, 2016

April Knit ~ Mitts

I officially did not touch a set of knitting needles for the entire month of March. Mostly, I think, because I'm confining myself to using yarn I already have and am feeling uninspired by what's left of my stash. I had a ball of lace-weight cashmere that I couldn't find, so the runner up was half a skein of soft Malabrigo left over from a pair of mitts I knitted my sister a couple of years ago.

I'm not a huge fan of pink, so I figured I'd make these for someone else, but the color--which is really more of a magenta with two shades of red than pink--started to grow on me. And the yarn is so nice and soft and squishy that I decided I need another pair of mitts.

I thought I might put them away until next fall, but then it got cold again (and snowed!) earlier this week, so these have already been pressed into service. In the meantime, I found my lace-weight cashmere. Whatever I decide to knit with it, it will surely take all the live-long summer, and possibly through to the end of the year. Or I might just use up all the bulky odds and ends in my stash in a massive felted bowl/instant gratification project.

Notes on my Ravelry page.

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