Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Pads for Education

Head on over to Crunchy Domestic Goddess to read this post about Proctor & Gamble's campaign to purportedly help girls in southern Africa stay in school by giving them free menstrual pads and the issues that have arisen among skeptics--sneaky marketing practice, what about the waste, what will girls do when the program dries up? And continue on to read about Goods 4 Girls which is an effort to provide reusable cloth pads. At the Goods 4 Girls site, you can find out how to donate these pads (either ones you make yourself, or ones you purchase from any number of vendors). I have been wanting to make a copy of one of my Luna Pads (which are really comfy and low-profile compared with other bulkier cloth pads, but which are also mega-expensive), so this might just give me the motivation to get off my tail and do it. It's nice to see a charity where you can give a product that (in theory) goes directly to a recipient, rather than sending money into a black hole.

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