Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Six and Conflicted

Dinner table conversation last night:

M: CM got his parents to give him a dollar and now he has $100.

C: Has CM been saving for a long time?

M: No, he got $50 for Christmas. I should get $50 for Christmas.

C: Maybe you should ask Santa for cash next year.

M: Christmas isn’t about money.

* Update on yesterday’s post: This morning I took 13 CFLs (including one broken one—not sure where the other broken ones have got to) to a local hardware store for recycling. And I guess I forgot to mention why I was so worked up about broken lightbulbs—compact fluorescents contain small amounts of mercury vapor—mercury is a persistent, bioaccumulative neurotoxin. CFLs are still better than incandescents, in general, because they save energy and energy production (particularly coal burning) emits large amounts of mercury to the atmosphere. And in our solar-powered house, energy-hogging incandescents aren’t really an option. Still, check out the Maine DEP report to see their recommendations on what rooms they suggest avoiding CFL use and how to safely change, handle and clean up accidental breaks.

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  1. i am 38 & sometimes have the same sort of conflicts m does: i want things/more money. i am so lucky for what i have. so many folks around the world have less than us. but wouldn't it be nice if we could....


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