Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I won my first ever blog giveaway last month over at Simple Makes (go there and make a comment for your chance to win some lovely earrings!)--a pair of kids' legwarmers from Laylalegs. Of course I had to order an additional two pairs so everyone could have some. It turns out I made a serious miscalculation in color choice--both M and Z's favorite color is blue, while E's is red; I really liked the rainbow ones, but they only had one pair that wasn't super girly, soooo, I took a chance and went with one blue, one red and one rainbow hoping it would all settle out. As it turns our Z got the shaft (poor middle kid!); the legs arrived Sunday (actually Saturday, but I didn't get around to checking the mailbox until Sunday) and Z got stuck with the red ones, while M took blue and E took rainbow. He cried for a good half hour over that one.

By Monday he'd gotten over it, and both he and E wore theirs under jeans and went out to play for the first time in months, months and months with no snowpants! Sure they stuck to the deck and driveway, but the seemed so joyous running around with all the freedom of movement that boots and snowpants and winter coats inhibit. Later, we picked M up from school and drove him to an eye dr. appointment. In the back seat, E and Z pulled their jeans up over their knees to reveal their legwarmers, and when we got to the eye doctor's office, this is the site that greeted the receptionist: E walked in first, wearing a hunter orange knit cap, high on his head, elf style, a grey Tyrolean sweater, with red hearts and two silver buttons with a chain, a fluorescent yellow lanyard around his neck, patched jeans pulled up over his knees, rainbow legwarmers and mint green socks, followed by Z, more conservatively dressed in a hat that is half tan cashmere, half turquoise acrylic, a beige sweater with a sled dog on it, patched jeans tucked into red and black striped legwarmers, white socks and white shoes. She about cracked up. I am ashamed to admit that for a fleeting second I considered having them pull their pants legs back down over the legwarmers, but managed to contain myself.
I can see so many fun uses for these--extending shorts season at both ends, an extra layer under pants in fall/spring when it's not cold enough for snow pants, keeping warm in the house on cloudy winter days, warming up when the temp drops suddenly on camping trips. I think they should make some in my size, don't you?

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