Friday, July 10, 2009

100ish Summer Things

I started making a list of things I want to do this summer in my journal over the weekend, then I saw Salt & Chocolate's list of 100 things to do and thought, hmmm...could I come up with 100? (My last attempt at a list of 100 only made it to 50). This could turn out to be an exercise in frustration, considering we only have about 4 weeks of summer left (once you subtract our cross-country road trip, which I guess I should add as one item on th elist), of course I can be rather loose with my definition of summer, and go beyond the start of the school year, right up to the equinox, or even until the (gulp) snow goes:

1. lie in the hammock
2. take kids mini golfing
3. take M to rock shop
4. roll pennies and deposit in the bank (we have lots more to go)
5. make living room curtains
6. make duvet
7. read lots of books
8. write a short story
9. make cheese
10. make knight costumes for E & Z
11. learn embroidery
12. go to the beach
13. make ice cream sandwiches
14. have a dinner picnic at the beach
15. camp out in the backyard
16. make pillow case butterfly nets
17. finish reading Little House on the Prairie with M
18. needle felt birds
19. drive to Colorado (and back)
20. swim
21. fix my bike; ride it somewhere
22. pick strawberries
23. make jam
24. make strawberry shortcake
25. work on my nature journal
26. have the kids paint canvasses with acrylic paint
27. make some skirts
28. get a haircut
29. make mojitos
30. set up my old pup tent
31. eat dinner outside
32. make a bag for our trip
33. take M to dig for gems
34. go to Rachel Carson Salt Pond Preserve
35. use the solar oven
36. stay home and do nothing
37. draw some cartoons
38. catch frogs with the boys
39. keep the kids awake late enough to catch fireflies
40. go see fireworks
41. go canoeing
42. make cheesecake
43. walk outside barefoot
44. make hemp bracelets with M
45. roll down a hill
46. cook bread on a stick over a campfire
47. go to the art museum
48. pick blackberries
49. make a lasagne completely from scratch (ricotta, mozzarella, pasta & sauce)
50. make fresh masa...turn it into tamales (fresh corn husks?)
51. go to the farmer's market
52. eat a meal completely out of our garden
53. hike
54. make hammer leaf/flower prints with kids
55. turn a cartwheel
56. play in the sprinkler
57. go to the lake
58. go to a flea market
59. eat a wild edible plant
60. make chiles rellenos

Oof, this is hard! But I made it past 50, so that's pretty exciting, and I must say this is a pretty respectable list; another 40 items might push me over the edge. And if I get all of these done, I can always steal a few ideas from Salt & Chocolate. There are plent of things that are not on this list that I ought to do (clean the basement, get the yard in order, manage photos, etc.) but don't particularly want to do. There are also some things on the list that I have already done and/or that I can/should do multiple times (hello, beach!) What are you doing this summer?

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  1. Very fun and ambitious list. I see a lot of "make..." in there. I'm all for that but I think you need lots more like lie in a hammock, hang out & do nothing, etc :)


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