Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Hankie Curtain

While digging through some fabric boxes recently I ran across the curtain I had made from brightly colored vintage handkerchiefs for our bedroom in the apartment we lived in when M was a baby. It was somewhat tattered and faded (I had gone through a phase of making curtains from hankies, because they look so lovely, but have finally learned my lesson that UV rays don't do the old fabric any favors). Anyway, it occurred to me that this one had a bit of life left in it, so I washed and ironed it, removed the bottom row of hankies and replaced a damaged one, and affixed it to a length of muslin with buttons along the top. And, voila, now the open cabinet (which was an afterthought and thus never got a door) above our washing machine, where we store our detergent and cleaning stuff, is no longer an eye sore.


  1. This is so neat! It looks wonderful, and so colorful. I have often thought about taking the dorrs off our cabinets, and replacing them with curtains

  2. i have though of doing this too. Looks lovely, what is that rack thing? I sure could use one of those for drying things

  3. Thanks! It's a shelf with pegs and a fold-out drying rack (very handy for drying out damp dish rags or towels so they don't get moldy in a laundry pile...also nice for handwashables). We got it at a local hardware store. There's something similar here: and here: and here: (although these all seem awfully pricey!!)


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