Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Treating Myself

It seems I went a long time this past year without any "me" time...and now it seems I'm making up for it in spades. Last week I had Monday to myself (good family friends came by to hang with the boys) and I went to Bath where I picked up some knitting and felting supplies and got a little ridiculously excited about dishcloths and unbleached mini muffin cups at a cooking store. I even did some writing! Thursday night I spent at a friend's knitting/craft evening. Saturday I met a friend at the fantastic fine craft show they hold every November at the State Library/Museum. I bought myself this gorgeous necklace from Atlantic Art Glass:

I was having a hard time deciding between a necklace with the single orange bead, and one with the green, the purple and a red. Linda Perrin, amazing glass blower, very sweetly offered to switch the red bead out for the orange one and I got all my favorite colors on one piece.

I also bought this stone vase for our nature table (note the Halloween decorations still out):

Then Sunday I spent the day with a good friend in Belfast, halfway between our respective homes. We had a great time browsing the stores and I got a few items out of the way for Christmas (trying to ignore the fact that my bank account is woefully empty) and went for a brisk walk in the incredibly (for November) balmy afternoon. And next weekend, I'm getting away for the whole weekend!

I would be tempted to feel guilty about this time away, but I am sooo much happier to be with my boys when I've had a little time away (absence makes the heart grow fonder, and all that....)

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