Thursday, March 18, 2010


I just finished this Simple Yet Effective Shawl over the weekend.

This has been my Process project. It's knit with sock yarn (Noro--yummy!) on size four needles, and you start out casting on seven stitches and end up with around 300 on the needles, so there's no end in sight for a long time. It's all about the knitting, not the final product (just before I finished--with only half a row left--I thought I had lost it, which would really have made it all about process). And it is the project on which I became a Knitter. Look, I even blocked it (unheard of!).
It turned out a bit ridiculously tiny (especially after all that process), but it's kind of nice to have on hand at work, to take off/put on as I get chilled/warm. In fact, I like it so well (the shawl? the yarn? the process?) I'm about to start another one in even more rainbowy yarn.


  1. Oh wow! This is so beautiful. Don't you love Noro? Everything in a Noro yarn comes out gorgeous. You are a wonderful knitter!

  2. It turned out beautiful, Andrea!! It makes me want to get some Noro and make one, too. Maybe when you are here!

  3. very inspiring, Andrea...I love the colors!

  4. It is gorgeous! Thanks for linking to it. I'm inspired to get mine started (somehow)!


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