Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Just In Time

I made this jaunty little jacket to wear on my trip (and 'cause I needed a spring jacket):

(Photo by Z)

using the fabric and pattern I bought last month. I'm actually quite impressed with myself for getting it done (I even figured out how to machine-sew buttons!). It did come at a price. I had to be extra-b*tchy Mom all day last Saturday (Z and M kept coming in and asking me for things, "Mom, do you have any thread?" "Mom can you tie my shoe?" "Mom, do you know where X is?" After about a dozen interruptions from each of them, E, who had been outside, minding his own business, came in to ask me something, only when he shouted, "Mom!" from the bottom of the stairs, I had heard that word one too many times and snapped, "WHAT!!!" Poor kid. I had to go outside and toss him the wiffle ball about a hundred times to make up for my meanness.
Have a great week. When I get back, I'll have a guest post and giveaway from Kim of The Motherhood Muse as part of her blog tour. So do come back for that, and in the meantime, check out the other blogs on the tour.


  1. You're a sewing bad ass! That is a great jacket!

  2. Enjoy your trip in your fabulous jacket. Wave down to me in Southern Colorado!

  3. Every time I sit down at the sewing machine I end up swearing like a sailor.

    Your trip looks like fun. Hope you'll share the highlights.

  4. my mouth dropped open when i saw this. it is SO cute! nice work, andrea!

  5. Andrea, I just read your essay in Brain, Child last night. I absolutely loved it. The best of the entire issue. Congratulations!

  6. hey
    LOVED your article in BC...congrats!

  7. That Jacket is amazing! I hope that enjoyed Denver. We have had some pretty good weather here recently, and I hope it was a good trip


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