Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Pilo O' Scarves

Before I left for Denver, I made these scarves for my sisters, my mom and a couple of friends I visited there.
Like the one I made myself last month, they're made with Anna Marie Horner Little Folks voile, from here (which is just down the road--which in Maine means a 20-minute drive--from me).
The fabric is a little bit wider than normal, so just a half yard, hemmed all around makes a perfect spring scarf.

I tried doing a better job on these than I had with my own--actually ironing under the hem before sewing. I also used a very narrow zig-zag for the seam, which gives it a nice finished look and also disguises the fact that I can't sew in a straight line to save my life (even with the newly-discovered fabric guide in place)!
The best part about these? No cutting! Except for the ironing (which I had done earlier), it only took about an hour or two to sew up all six, two nights before I left on my trip!
My only regret? That I didn't keep them all for myself! And also that when my mom and I were in a shop that had different colorways of the same fabric, I felt too sick to look around, enjoy myself, or buy anything!

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