Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wash Wednesday

C does most of our laundry--since he often works from home he's able to take advantage of the sunny days when they happen, and hanging out the wash gives him a break from the computer--so I'm rarely home when laundry is hanging on the line to take a picture of it. Believe me, I'm not complaining about this. However, a couple of weekends ago, I was home on a sunny Saturday morning and put in a load. Some things are just never dirty in C's eyes (towels, sheets, table cloths...still, I'm not complaining: he even puts on a DVD and holds a folding party once every couple of weeks, while I will just sort everyone's clothes into different baskets, hand M his to fold and put away, put away my own and, occasionally fold E and Z's--if I have time).

I love vintage printed table cloths, but they rarely come long enough for our big table. For a while I would layer them on top of a plain white table cloth (=more laundry), but now I just reach the table cloth to one end of the table and leave the other end bare (the end that usually hosts mail, homework, magazines, art projects). C prefers to use plastic, wipe-off placemats, but I think the tablecloths are much more cheerful (especially since I'm not the one who does the laundry!), don't you?


  1. Yes! Lovely. My husband is also the laundry man in our house. Eldest's friends think this is so weird that she is almost convinced he deserves some sort of medal for it - oh, the work we must do fighting that culture!

  2. Most definitely! We have the same problem with our big table and vintage cloths ~ we often double as well ;)

  3. wow - my husband will throw in a load if it's urgent for him, but that's it! i admit i only do table cloths on a special occasion. we are just messy eaters!


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