Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wash Wednesday

Remember the duvet?

It was stuffed in the closet in disgrace when C decided it was too hot to sleep under down (I, personally, could sleep under down at least 360 nights a year). I can't bear sleeping under only a sheet, no matter how hot it is, so at first I replaced it with a thin, thread-bare (twin-sized) quilt. But C must have gotten tired of me sneaking into the closet and heaping the down comforter on my side of the bed, because he replaced the quilt with and ugly, scratchy polyester comforter that we had been hand-me-downed when we had our first apartment. Not that I'm ungrateful; we had no money to buy frivolous things like blankets and it was a kind gesture, especially in light of the fact that the relative who bequeathed it to us surely did not approve of unmarried folk cohabiting.
It served us well for many years, but, as I said, it is ugly. And scratchy. And polyester. Making a summer quilt for our bed is on my to-do list, but very near the bottom, and it keeps getting bumped in favor of other to-do's. In the meantime, the duvet can serve duty disguising the ugly, scratchy and polyester comforter as well as it does the down. It looks much better, though it is limp and heavy and not at all fluffy and cozy like down (I know that as a vegetarian I should be opposed to down, but it is so light and fluffy and cozy!). However, in the spirit of marital harmony, I think I can endure it, if C can endure me turning off the fan when I get in bed!

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  1. I also cannot stand sleeping under just a sheet even in great heat. It seems to be a sensory thing. Do they kill the duckies for their down> That doesn't seem sensible.


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