Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Vintage Swap

I participated in the Vintage Swap for the first time this summer. My partner, Amanda, went way overboard in the generosity department and sent a box packed with: four hand-crocheted doilies/tablecloths, four small woven cloths (napkins?), vintage sewing tools (including electric scissors, of all things, which I haven't tried out yet!), a dress, a rooster basket, a piece of cloth, a set of embroidered pillowcases, a book on ceramics, two Corel ware mugs, and a glass horse. All passed down from her grandmother, great grandmother and a dear friend of hers.

My favorite is this doily, which is exactly my shade of orange. I think it will find its way onto a pillow very soon.
Thank you, Amanda!!

I sent Amanda these little bits (she said her favorite colors are reds and browns):

A table runner (or dresser skirt, perhaps?) embroidered with poppies and wheat.

A handkerchief apron (which I've actually had my eye on for a while!).

A crocheted potholder (I was in a store recently where they had a row of antique crocheted potholders hanging along a wall and it looked so cute!).
A bit of embroidered brown linen.

And a red glass (hope it made it in one piece!).

It was fun going through the antique malls with my eye tuned to a different channel...and not worrying about whether I actually needed something before I bought it, since it wasn't for me! I did suffer a bit of anxiety over trying to find the exact right thing, but I think I did OK!


  1. What a cool idea. I love everything that you sent, and I also love the big doilies.

  2. Everything is gorgeous. I am really glad that you enjoyed the swap, it has been so much fun to see what everyone has come up with


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