Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Good Word

I want to put in a good word here for Alewives Fabrics.*

Over the last couple of weeks, I need to make a couple of scarves like the ones I made last year for friends's birthdays.  I already had the voile fabric for one (not pictured), but needed to get fabric for the other.

Now I'm lucky to have Alewives right down the road (in Maine, "right down the road" means less than an hour away), and normally, I would love to go and browse around all the lovely fabrics they carry there, but I didn't have time to get to Newcastle, and with gas prices these days, the shipping cost pretty much evens out.

I just wanted to share with you that when there was a mixup with my fabric choice (I ordered the "sea", but got the "sweet"), their customer service was excellent, quick and generous.  And, they were open on Sunday, so I could address the problem as soon as I discovered it.  The replacement fabric arrived on Wednesday, which gave me just enough time to make the scarf for a Thursday celebration.

Of course, I would always advocate for patronizing your local fabric store--I normally just run to the even more convenient Whipper Snappers--but if your local store doesn't carry a certain fabric (like this lovely voile), or if you don't have a local store (which was the case when I first moved to Maine--I had to drive 40 minutes for a spool of thread!), do check out Alewives.  

*This is not an advertising post--I received no goods or services in exchange for telling this real true story about great service and lovely fabrics!


  1. And "Alewives" is just a wonderfully interesting name for a business, besides!

  2. It is a good name. They're a kind of anadramous fish that swim up the river that runs right by the shop.

  3. I grew up with Rhea...and her mom was my art teacher in high school...they are such nice people. It's always worth it to patronize your local businesses.


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