Thursday, August 18, 2011

Dome Days

E's was still croupy/coughy Monday morning, so I decided that rather than send him to daycare to play outside in the rain and contract pneumonia, we'd all stay home and have a dome day, which turned into two, because he was still sick and it was still raining Tuesday.

It felt like a snow day, with the gray sky outside, and us dressed in sweatshirts inside. On Monday, I served popcorn and grapes for lunch and even contemplated baking cookies (I have baked nothing at all in ages), which seems like a snow-day kind of thing to do.

The boys mostly just played Lego's for both days straight. I didn't take any pictures of their Lego creations, but they did:

E's house.

Table O' Lego's 

Z's Spaceship

I got out a bunch of wooden toys at one point, to encourage them to play with something else (I do feel sad at the prospect they might be outgrowing the wooden toys). E built this cool fort, guarded by dinosaurs and gnomes:

"Mom forced me to be all Waldorfy this morning"

And he and I did a little art project--paint over crayon to be scratched away later (do you remember making those in elementary school? I had much more fun than he did).

I always feel like I miss out on so much not being with my kids most days, but as it turns out, they pretty much do their own thing most of the time...and I do mine. While they did Lego's, I dabbled with a little reading, some very minor crafting, catching up on blogs, and a whole lot of vegging, which I think we were all in great need of.  I did read the last two chapters of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone to them, and then, because we still had all the movies we borrowed, we watched it Tuesday afternoon. Funny how you expose your second (and third) kids to things at a much younger age than the first, isn't it? They weren't too scared (the daylight helped I think), but the plot is a bit confusing for six-year-olds, even after having read the book. 

On Tuesday, I also made jam with some of the 40 pounds of blueberries I picked up Monday night.

6 c. blueberries; 3 1/2 c. sugar; 1/4 c. lemon juice; boil 10-15 min

I bribed E seventy-five cents to write the labels for me.

I wonder if that's how all the crafty mom-bloggers do it? They pay their kids to look cute, helping to stir cake batter and pick cucumbers and make artwork? I do think I'm onto something.

2 batches = 10 cups jam


  1. 40 pounds of blueberries?! I've got 20 pounds of apricots waiting for me and I felt overwhelmed.

  2. 20 pounds of apricots? I am jealous (they don't grow in Maine). Blueberries are easy--just throw them in the freezer; no cutting, pitting, or peeling required.

  3. The blueberry jam looks amazing! I have yet to harvest any large quantity of anything this year.

    Re the wooden toys vs. legos--I hear you on that, but I always feel like legos are a perfect exception to my draconian opinions about those things because they are so open-ended. Look at those huge creations they made! I'm hoping my girls will get into legos that way, too.

  4. Jaimie--Oh, I didn't harvest anything. I "picked them up" as in bought from those who did the work, as opposed to "picked them."

    Lego's are pretty cool.


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