Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Summer Blouse

This was on my to-do list last summer, and I did in fact start it last year, but I think I was so defeated by all the cutting out (and, if I remember correctly, running out of fabric and running back to the store--all the way in Waterville--for more, that I just gave up before getting very far.

It's sat in my WIP basket ever since, until a couple of weeks ago, when I got it out and put it on my sewing table as a hint to myself. Finally this weekend I sat down and finished it.

It's Burda pattern #7834, and while it's not necessarily a difficult pattern, it is fussy. First, there are about a million pieces you must cut, then there's lots of neatening and basting and pressing and topstitching (I don't even know what "neaten" means, as you can see from the photo below) and even a zipper.

But, once I put my mind to it, it went fairly smoothly and quickly (two quick sewing sessions Sat. and Sun. a.m. and it was done).

It fits well (thank goodness), though it's a bit low-cut for my taste, which means I'll have to wear a tank top under it, and I hate summer blouses that force you to layer--isn't the point to stay cool?

Also, I wonder if I'm a bit old for the print blouse look?

In any case, it's a relief to get something out of the works-in-progress queue (and cross it off last summer's to-do list--at this rate I'll have gotten all my Summer 2010 desires taken care of by 2020).


  1. You put me to shame with all of your craftiness. I can barely sew on a button.

    And, no, I don't think you're too old for a print top - unless that print features kittens or rainbows, of course.

  2. Or mice.

    My 6mo has a dress with cute little mice on it, but it doesn't make her look very grown up at all.


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