Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Big Thing

Remember the Big Thing I was expecting to come and fill the north wall of our living room? Well, it finally came last Wednesday.

This piano was literally on our doorstep nearly 10 years ago, and C sent it away. Another time it was in a moving truck, ready to come to our house and again he said, "no." Finally, finally it made its way into our home, and would you guess who has played it more than anyone? You got it. Apparently he remembers a bit more about those old piano lessons than he wanted to admit (his memory of the piano, however, was faulty--he had it at seven feet tall in his mind), and now he can be found sitting before the keys, picking out Christmas carols throughout the day.

Of course, everyone else is enjoying it too. M pounds out "Let it Be" and "Axel F" several times a day and E and Z take their turns tickling the ivories. It appears we have become a very musical family (with the exception of me--I took two semesters of piano in college, but it's been so long ago I could not even point out middle C).


  1. oooh how lucky you are! it is gorgeous!! and it probably arrived at just the right time,too, i imagine if we had a piano my lot would be playing it by trying to walk on it..


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