Monday, December 19, 2011

Deep Breaths

We leave for Colorado tomorrow afternoon, and I'm in that pre-trip "What the heck were we thinking?" stage. I'm at home now with two "sick" boys, who both look much better now they're not at school (though one did legitimately throw up). Since I'm very good at imagining the worst case scenario, I'm now picturing us stuck in the Detroit airport in a blizzard, with three vomiting children. So compared to that anything else will be just fine--we could be all sick in our hotel room, but people could visit us there, bearing ginger ale and Lego sets, right? So now I'm taking deep breaths and reminding myself that everything will be Just Fine.

I won't be blogging on our trip, but I've set up several Handmade Holiday posts to run over the next two weeks and I'm going to reveal the Big Thing that moved into our living room last week, so do come back (unless you might possibly be one of the recipients of a holiday handmade) . 


  1. Have fun! I hope you are able to relax and enjoy. I have taken a sick kid on a plane to Colorado on Christmas Eve, it seems kinda funny now. It all worked out. I hope you trip is great. Soak up that Colorado sunshine!


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