Monday, June 25, 2012

Seizing Summer

I'm doing my utmost to squeeze an entire summer vacation into Saturday and Sunday segment (while not resenting those who have actual summer vacations...or who work at home and can pretend they do).

Saturday I picked some strawberries (twenty-nine quarts to be exact).

And did some art projects with the kids.

M wasn't interested in crayons and watercolors, so he did some botanical illustrations...of poisonous plants.

I also read to them a LOT and made some jam (more on that later this week) and set up the tent for the Great American Backyard Campout, just as a huge black cloud swept into the neighborhood and dumped rain on us. Needless to say we did not camp out, and the tent's still out there getting all mildewey.

Sunday, I convinced all the sticks-in-the mud to go to the beach,

Which was gorgeous and sunny and not windy enough for a kite.

I discovered that only one out of three kids can cartwheel (this year), even though M took years of gymnastics when he was a tyke. The cartwheeler is the one kid who can't jump rope very well, so I guess it's an even distribution of skills and talents.

We swam quite a lot, too. The water isn't really all that cold, once you go numb.

Hope you're seizing summer this week!

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