Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer To-Do List

I know, I know, I always make these lists (though it looks like I skipped last year--here's 2010 and 2009), and I probably never accomplish a fraction of the items on the list (though with this year's Summer Manifesto, that might change). In fact, I probably never even look at my list again once I've written it. But, I don't know what it is (perhaps it's the thawing out of my bloodstream so I feel like I can function again after nine months of winter), but summer gets me in a Go! Make! Do! kinda mood (which is not to say that I have any problem with Stay! Relax! Chill!--in fact those such activities hold a prominent place on my list.

Places to Go
Coastal Maine Botanic Gardens (check!)
Dept. of Marine Resources Aquarium (check!)
Gray Wildlife Park
Colburn House
Rachel Carson Salt Pond Preserve

Things to Do
Go camping (one check, one to go)
Go to the beach
Dine al fresco
Go on picnics
Lie in the hammock
Outfit a picnic basket
Read to the kids on the picnic blanket outside
Make a garden playscape
Plant hollyhocks (check!)
Catch dragonflies
Lie in the hammock
Pick strawberries (opening day tomorrow!)
Lie in the hammock
Start a new nature journal
Re-cover the kitchen chairs
Do art/craft projects with the kids on the picnic blanket outside
Organize the basement (I know, I know, but it must be done sometime)
Read a non-grad-school-related book just for fun (and without guilt)
Lie in the hammock

Things to Make
A big beach bag
A summery table runner
Beeswax lanterns
A summery bunting
Jam, jam and more jam (I've already made rhubarb-ginger and rhubarb-grapefruit)

I just reread those 2009 and 2010 lists and they made me smile--the things I've actually accomplished (making good jam!) and the things that just aren't ever going to happen (homemade cheese) and the places I've been meaning to go for at least three years and haven't yet, but they're still on my list (zoiks!). We'll see what we check off this year's list and what gets carried over to next year.

What are your summer plans?


  1. You can make mozzarella cheese pretty easy and it doesn't that much effort. Even I have done it!
    I like your list, it makes me want to make one. And do some stuff on it.
    You could add, go to the new yarn shop in Rockland! I am managing there and it is worth the trip.


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