Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

Hope your day is full of lots of love!

Finished Valentines...yes I cut out the paper hearts and threaded the yarn. E stamped his name, using the signature stamp I had made when he was four––in his four-year-old handwriting! Z scratched a letter "Z" onto his.

This year's Valentine's card––a picture of a heart E discovered in December formed in the ice on a small pond near our house.


  1. I love them both! You've inspired me to start collecting heart shaped rocks (whether by photo or in real life). They're so pretty.

  2. Meryl--Thanks!

    We've made most of our collection in the last year--once you start looking for them, they pop up everywhere!

  3. oh cool! my son would <3 a signature stamp!


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