Thursday, February 7, 2013


 To help keep the winter blahs at bay, I did a bit of Valentining this past weekend.

I lined up all the heart-shaped rocks we've been collecting over the last year on the new mantel.

And then, because I just can't stop with minimalism, I added cards from Valentine's Days past and beeswax hearts on a branch (which turned out to be hazardous over the woodstove).

It's amazing how simple it is to find something, once you open your eyes to look for it.

 Then I added a bit of red to brighten the kitchen,

 And some hearts here and there and everywhere.

Next weekend is already chocka-block full, so I got started on the boys' Valentines.

Z has never once shown any interest in helping to make Valentine's and this year E seems to have joined him in curmudgeon-dom.

I thought briefly of buying them some Ninjago Valentine cards ('cause nothing says I Love You like the Weapons of Spinjitzu), but decided that I didn't want to break an eleven-year streak of homemade Valentines, so I made them myself. Maybe they'll help me paint them next weekend (ha!).

What are you Valentining?


  1. I love your rock collection! It makes such a pretty display. (And those are some awesome mama-made Valentine's too!)

  2. Could you please come over to my house and Valentine us? :) (And I'm with Meryl on the love for the heart-shaped rocks.)

  3. Meryl--Thanks!

    Kristen--Sure! I'll be right over.


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