Friday, March 22, 2013

The Mother-Writer Series, Post I: Alicia Ostriker

"The writer who is a mother should, I think, record everything she can: make notes, keep journals, take photographs, use a tape recorder, and remind herself that there is a subject so incalculably vast significance to humanity, about which virtually nothing is known because writers have not been mothers."

––Alicia Ostriker
"A Wild Surmise: Motherhood and Poetry"
Writing Like a Woman, 1983

Z got up early Saturday morning to make us the breakfast he'd been planning all week--fruit salad and smoothies (I  helped him cut the pineapple and made some muffins to help fill people who are not fruitatarians up). He HATES having his picture taken, but consented to putting his arm within viewfinder range long enough for me to snap a single photo.


  1. Tell Z that I think his breakfast looks delicious and he can come make breakfast for Grandpoppy and me sometime!

  2. I like that quote a lot because it's a reminder to gather, not to process. Gather and gather and wait for a day that's quiet and one can discover that those hectic days were of value.

  3. Love that quote and look forward to reading more of the voices in that collection.


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