Thursday, March 28, 2013

Weekend Things

Blah, blah, river,

blah, melting ice,

blah, blah snow,

blah maple syrup

Saturday a friend and I went to Damariscotta because Alewives was having a sale.

I bought some fun and pretty fabrics for some projects I hope to get to someday soon,

and some yarn, just because it was soft and lovely.

I also picked up books at the local bookshop; two on parenting and one for my big trip this summer (squee!).

And I picked up some fancy Easter candy. I don't like it when Easter comes in March––it's still so wintery outside and the whole holiday ends up being an afterthought. E and I finally decorated Monday night––then he put on the bunny costume and hid plastic eggs. I'm afraid that old gray rabbit fur won't fit much longer.

In the mail came enough notebooks to get me through the next year or so. I bought one of these Decomposition Books while Christmas shopping (yes, I tend to buy more stuff for myself than anyone else), mainly because I couldn't resist the pun, but they turn out to be great books, with sturdy covers, strong bindings, sewn pages and paper of just the right heft and smoothness-to-toothiness ratio, while also being made of recycled paper and printed with soy inks. And made in USA. I filled up the last page last week, so, I ordered a whole passel more of them from here (shipping is kind of expensive, but what can you do...the place I bought the first one is an hour drive away).

Also, this year I've made it a quest to keep flowers in the house until they start blooming outside (these sadly drank all their water and drooped and dropped their petals after a couple of days).

New notebooks, pretty fabric and tulips notwithstanding, my annual March Malaise has begun to set in over the last couple of days. I guess that's a good thing, since March is almost over. 


  1. A) I love those notebooks.

    B) Have you been to Ireland before? Sweet Husband and I went several years ago and had the most wonderful time. It's so friendly and beautiful there. Holler if you have any questions!

  2. the notebooks are definitely worth it.


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