Monday, April 8, 2013

Creeping In

Sometimes I grow impatient with the sluggish and halting pace at which spring makes its way to Northern New England (and by "sometimes" I mean every March/April/May). Our few warm days last weekend gave way to more cold and wind all last week and through this weekend.

And yet, a few brave yellow souls have poked their heads above the sleepy soil, promising that spring is indeed on its way.

Early Sunday morning, Z and I went bird watching. At only 27.5 degrees, the birds weren't especially active. I did hear the occasional crow and woodpecker and we flushed a woodcock from its leafy hiding/nesting place. I was more interested in watching my boy than the birds, anyway––sitting on a log, training his tiny binoculars at the treetops, using a long stick to try and knock the rotten old carpet off of a rotten old tree stand, leading the way down through the woods and to the river, then back home the opposite way than we usually go, pulling a bag of trail mix out from among his bird-watching and survivalist necessities he had packed in his backpack. I don't have any pictures––binoculars and cameral would be a bit much to tote along, even for me, and besides, Z hates having his picture taken, so I was trying to honor that for a change, although he looked so cute in a gray cabled sweater over orange fleece, green knit gloves and a man-sized camouflage stocking cap that covered his whole head gnome-style, that I was tempted more than once to run back home for my camera.

Saturday, the boys planted peas and the red-winged black-birds started making a ruckus.

Sunday we got sleet. But today the sun was out, and during a short walk, I saw in the little pond that was still frozen just over a week ago lots of tiny fish swimming around and a lazy turtle hanging snout-up in the brown water. I wouldn't be surprised to hear wood-frogs any day now.

The spring cleaning bug has also arrived––I tore apart and vacuumed and dusted my closet on Sunday. Friends arrived before I had a chance to finish, so half the room is tidy and dust-free and the other half is a mountain of books and clothes and half-finished projects. Like I said, sluggish and halting pace.

Has spring found its way to your world yet? 

P.S. This post makes me feel much better about spring this year.

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  1. You've already planted peas? Now you're making me feel guilty. Then again, I don't have raised beds - ground's still frozen.

    I heard wood frogs and just a few peepers last night :)


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