Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Beach Day

In exchange for not going to the beach last weekend, the boys had to agree to go to the beach this past weekend, without complaint. (Seriously, who complains about going to the beach? I am not related to these children.)

Before we left, though, we invented a new game: water-balloon baseball.

We had a gloriously sunny day, but with a strong on-shore breeze it was a little chilly.

It's a strange feeling to be shivering in a sweatshirt while your feet are scorching on hot sand.

I also heard that recent northwest winds had pushed any warm water we might have had out to sea.

We forged ahead valiantly despite the cold air and water, swimming, playing, reading, writing, drawing, walking, building shelters, and watching terns. All in all, a brilliant beach day.

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