Wednesday, August 7, 2013

My Amazing Necktie Shirt Knock-Off

The minute I saw Catherine Newman's Amazing Necktie Shirt, I knew I had to make one for M.

It took me almost a week to make it to Goodwill to buy the supplies, and when I got there, I found a dearth of striped silk ties. Had there been a run on them in Central Maine after her post?

So I regrouped and picked this pretty sweet floral number instead, then raced home to sew it up. I must not have followed the directions closely enough, because I did end up with some bunchy shirt action.

There was always the risk that M wouldn't like it--and then I'd be out $4 and 5 minutes, but he's a pretty nerd chic sort of kid, and he actually does wear neckties with polo shirts for some reason. I needn't have worried; he immediately put it on and added all of his other ties to round out the look. The true test will be whether he will actually wear it to school or not. 

It does make a pretty cool guitar shirt.


  1. In love! With you and your beautiful kid and his rad necktie shirt. Thank you for sharing!

  2. And how much easier it is to see them as helping hands, enjoying the kitchen, cooking, clean up and using their own creativity !!!Love the neck tie and Milo playing his guitar. Your a Great Mom ..hugs


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