Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Urgent Cushion

For as far back as I can remember (at least since college), whenever I have had an overwhelming amount of homework to do, I am overcome with an irresistible urge to clean my room.

So, with a big thesis deadline looming, and since I'd given up on cleaning, sorting, and organizing the boys' clothes, I decided to tackle my own drawers Saturday, and switched out my summer for winter clothes, tossing out a few items along the way (and can I say how depressing my winter wardrobe is? Why didn't I bring home half a dozen sweaters from Ireland? And also, who's incredibly stupid idea is skinny jeans?)

After I finished the clothing side of my room, I moved on to my sewing corner, but instead of cleaning it, I became overwhelmed with an urgent need to replace the ugly cushion on the rocking chair immediately (the chair we inherited from C's grandparents when they moved to Florida ten years ago. The cushion, which was mostly flattened and covered in a faded and stained super-seventies fake-quilted print in orange and gold, had always been ugly).

A while ago I had bought a scrap pack of Joel Dewberry Aviary prints in orange, brown, and turquoise (that is a racket, if I've ever heard of one, selling your scrap fabrics, but I was suckered in), and they served the purpose perfectly, with a few other fabrics in complimentary colors thrown in. I had just enough brown Roman glass fabric left over from the TV cabinet for the backing.

I'm fairly pleased with the result, and I think I have enough scraps left for a pillow, next time a making urge overtakes me. And it felt good to shove that old cushion, with its crumbling foam filling, into the garbage. I feel like I'm slowly circling in on a new couch, one little bit of living room furniture at a time (almost there, I think).


  1. I wish my procrastination ended with such lovely results!

  2. No, kidding. Only once or twice a year can I sublimate procrastination into production. Good on you, Andrea. Sewing satisfies, that's for sure.


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