Thursday, November 7, 2013

Wanted: Library

Next time I build a house, I'm going to make sure it includes a library. Our house, which does not have a library, has books in every room.

The living room.

The stairway.

The landing.

My bedroom.

And my bedside table.

The kids' room, on E and Z's side.

On M's side.

And in the closet (this portion of the closet M refers to as his "office" and is probably the closest thing we have to a dedicated book room).

Books on random pieces of furniture.

The only rooms that don't have books in them are the bathrooms––I've never understood the concept of books in the bathroom (although I do read in the tub––I just don't store by books in there).

Wouldn't it be nice, though, to have a whole room big enough to hold all the books, where you could organize them all by subject, or author, or color (it drives C crazy when I organize books by color)? With a nice cozy reading chair or two?


  1. I love your stairway though!

    I read an interview once where Hillary Clinton was talking about Jackie O's apartment. Apparently, she used stacks of books (to elegant effect) as furniture. Since then I've never felt so bad about my piles, although I'm sure they aren't as chic as Jackie's!

  2. Hmm, I bet Jackie O had less rambunctious housemates than I have. And probably someone to dust all that bookish furniture. I do find, however, a house without books to be very sterile and uninviting.


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