Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Weekend Things--Getting Merry

Last week was a rough one. I had zillions of appointments, a few deadlines, and a killer sinus infection (which I finally gave up on washing away with a neti pot and attacked with antibiotics mid-week). As a result, I was one tired and cranky Mama, which somehow always becomes a contagious condition. It all culminated Thursday night, after E and Z's holiday concert, with me sitting the three boys down and giving them a lecture on respect, not fighting, good behavior in public, and "shape up or Christmas is going to be cancelled." Not a pretty moment.

Things got better with the weekend. I decided that my season's greeting this year is "No." I said "no" to the holiday bazaar at the local farm store Friday night, "no" to helping at the Make-a-Craft Fair at school, and "no" to taking the boys to said fair (E was quite traumatized by this, due, no doubt, to his anticipation of ingesting several pounds of sugar at the "decorate a cookie" table).

We spent most of Saturday morning cleaning house in preparation of Christmas decorating, and then headed to M's show in the afternoon. Then on Sunday we got down to the business of the holidays. I got E and Z to help with the Christmas cards, which is quite possibly my most brilliant move ever.

And made the first batch of cookies.

Then we headed out into the woods in search of a tree.

This is the second year in a row that there was no snow on the ground when we went tree hunting. It changes the mood, but makes the whole process quite a bit easier.

After wiggling our way through the firs that grow more dense each year, we found the perfect tree right near our trail

The boys took turns cutting it down, and C hefted it home.

And dressed it up for the season.

After we got the house all decorated, it felt like Christmas vacation should start.

But we all had to return to work and school the next morning.

But it was nice to come home to the clean house and bright lights at the end of the day.


  1. Those cookies! Wow! Is that a cookie cutter design? I'm so impressed.

  2. Thanks, Meryl. They're made with wooden molds--spekulatius.

  3. I'm all wow about the clean house! I want one...

  4. Ha, LSM! It doesn't last long...already looks like a bomb went off.


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